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About Me

Who I Am, What I Do, How I can help YOU


I AM a licensed, ordained non-denominational Minister who's been active in ministry since the age of 14. 

I operate under the umbrella of my mother Apostle Felencia Jones' ministry, Jesus Loves You Ministries, Inc. Learn more here


Because I am a minister and was raised in ministry,  I understand the needs,  struggles, and pitfalls fellow clergy members and their families deal with. I offer a unique perspective that has helped to put my clergy clients at ease in their time of turmoil and help them overcome sensitive areas that they weren't free to tell others about. 


I AM an Apostle of Grace and a Prophet of God. An Apostle is a Special Messenger Anointed by Jesus Christ. "For the Law was given through Moses, BUT Grace and Truth came through Jesus Christ," John 1:17.


A Prophet is someone who speaks the oracles of God. He uses me to give people messages through the Holy Spirit to encourage, empower, heal, deliver, and inspire.


I don't give people "head knowledge" I give them "God Knowledge." Every one of your sessions with me will start and end with PRAYER. The Holy Spirit will have His way and direct the meeting. 


Everything you need is in the Kingdom.

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