Hear the hearts of those who have been BLESSED by my services 

Courtney Jones of  N.C writes:

"Have you ever heard the term "skinny fat?"  Skinny fat is a person who from the outside looks slim and trim....they are slender....but their body composition is usually very little muscle and a high percentage of body fat.  From the outside, it looks like they got it altogether....but underneath it all....there is a different story.  And unless you know what a truly "lean" body looks like, you wouldn't know that the "skinny physique" is really a lie.  That was what my faith looked like.  From the outside, I had it all together.  I was bold, I was confident, I was smart and on top of it.  But on the inside, emotionally, and mentally I was broken down.  I was really struggling.....and had lived in this struggle for 43 years.  Let me be clear...I know God.  Have known God all my life....have an actual relationship with God....but there was no peace for me.  Then one day....out of the blue...on my 43rd birthday, Prophet Minister Christine Norris reaches out to me via Social Media with a Word from God that spoke to EXACTLY what I was going through but gave clarity to it.


I didn't know how to articulate my struggle or the root cause of it much less....and then she reached out with the EXACT WORD I needed to hear.  Please understand....WE HAD NEVER MET...NEVER EXCHANGED A HELLO.....we were connected in a FB Group.  So imagine my amazement when I get this message from a complete stranger that helps me start to understand what I'm going through.  Talk about a demonstration and proof of God's love.  From that day on...God has used Sister Christine to speak into my life, to shine light in my dark places.  My birthday was on March 11th.  Sister Christine continued to minister to me and on June 4th I had my first big breakthrough and it was a spiritual one.....the struggle I was having ....through Sis Christine...I began to understand.....my anxiety...my depression...my fears were a result of a spiritual battle.  


You see I knew/know there is a call on my life to minister.  And the enemy was keeping me bound so I would not move forward in that call. I have known since I was 11 that I was called...and been fighting the fear demon all that time up till the age of 43.  God showed me His love by giving me, Sister Christine.  And on Aug 3rd...I answered my call and preached my initial sermon.  From March 11th to Aug 30th...God did a mighty work and He used Sister Christine to coach me through it.  To help me see what I could not see.  Sister Christine was the glasses where I was short-sighted....she was the interpreter when I couldn't make sense of what was going on.....she was the loudspeaker when I couldn't hear for myself from God.  She was and continues to be all those things for me and she does it with LOVE....no condemnation....no judgement...just LOVE.  


I am so thankful that God blessed me with this sister.  I don't know what would have become of me had I not experienced this goodness of the Lord at this time in my life."

Sandra L-Farrell  of  Alberta, Canada

"I met Prophet Minister Christine Norris at the start of August 2020, 5 months after COVID hit (here). My church had been closed for those months and just reopened last week (mid-September). She was such a breath of fresh air! She IS such a breath of fresh air! Lol

The Lord spoke through her right from the very 1st message I ever received from her and every message and other communication since!


I don't know how many other people the Lord has her connecting with, but she does truly Connect! Almost like plugging into! She plugs into God Almighty who is also in me and you. And it's like a cord of 3 strands! I feel much stronger since plugging into her teachings."



Tammy Dillon, Chicago

My name is Tammy 

My experience with Apostle of Grace Christine Norris is that she is so knowledgeable about the revelation of being Chosen by God. 

Her ability to produce and provide a hunger for us to want to know the calling on our lives according to the Grace given by Jesus-- she provides the blue prints on how to get there.  This scripture in Psalms, God is her Shepherd and she shall not want (Psalm 23:1) I believe really is written on her heart. The Prophetic Mantle on her life is so beautiful to witness  because of her Faith in God. I believe that God is so near to us if we believe. 

I do understand her labor in the word of God and it comes with trials and tribulations. 

I have seen after each battle she becomes stronger and stronger. 

As my mentor I am called to pray for her and her family. I am committed to praying for her; as a matter of fact it’s my honor to serve with her. 

I love you Apostle of Grace and all you do always. 

You are a Citizen of Heaven . 

Thank you for all your support love and prayers in Jesus' Name.

Jernise Young, Virginia

Jackie Johnson, Colorado